Wexel Gaming's brand new Roulette Wheel displayed at the ACOS 2023 show

ACOS 2023 show was a huge success for Wexel Gaming. As well as our ground-breaking Bingo Plus system, we also took along our brand-new Roulette product.

To our astonishment, the Roulette Wheel stole the spotlight, generating an overwhelming buzz at the event and resulting in 8 orders on the spot!

 What truly caught us by surprise, however, was the resounding praise and support we received from our industry peers and competitors. 

Sean Young, our Managing Director, said “To be honest, we took our Roulette Wheel primarily as eye-candy, aiming to add some theatre to our stand. And it certainly delivered! And to receive such an enthusiastic response from our industry colleagues means so much to both me and the entire team. Such great feedback assures us that we have hit the mark, and we can’t wait to install Roulette in our clients’ businesses as soon as possible.”

 Our versatile Roulette Wheel operates under Cat C and B4 Floating Licences. Moreover, it can be seamlessly customised to suit various stakes and prize levels when in accordance with licensing regulations.