December 2019

BingoPad is a low cost solution for offering Bingo and other fun games in a professional way never seen before for Licensed bingo and charitable organisations. It currently supports 75, 80 and 90 Number bingo with win verification, musical bingo, raffle and tote.

Jive Bingo is the name for our new musical bingo game which is a guaranteed to create a great atmosphere, the customer response has been very positive. It attracts customers by bringing more fun back into the venue.

The Tablet itself provides the calling and win verification system and uses the customers’ existing sound systems and monitors all connected seamlessly via the BingoPad hotspot adaptor. You can choose either live calling or utilise the virtual callers.

The back end software has been designed so that operators can add features and new games as they become available, the BingoPad is launching with a very low price tag for these standard features, and as new games become available customers will easily be able to download them to BingoPad via a website.